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A well staffed and well-stocked clinic is often critical to sustaining operations in remote locations on and offshore. Access to pharmaceuticals, consumables and bespoke medical kits can make all the difference in the field. Our team specialises in supplying a full compliment of medical stores to support a small vessel or mobile clinic all the way up to laboratories, surgical facilities, large hospitals, or trauma centres.


Based in the UK and licensed by the MHRA as a wholesale dealer of pharmaceuticals, Medekit can supply a complete inventory of medicines to offshore installations, maritime vessels, occupational health clinics or any other remote-site clinical setting. We can also sell to private companies and medical practitioners.

Our range of medications include: 

  • General sale
  • Over-the-counter
  • Prescription and controlled drugs
  • Hospital lines
  • Medical gases 

All of our medications are supplied in manufacturer’s original packs for quality assurance.


We stock a wide range of medical consumables for use in first aid, first response, primary care and emergency situations, such as:

  • Bandages and combat dressings
  • Airways and intubation
  • Portable water testing 
  • IV and diagnostics
  • Malaria prophylaxis

We can also supply travel health, laboratory and vaccinations products at competitive prices, delivered at short notice. 


From stethoscopes and diagnostic equipment to defibrillators, monitors, medical furniture, X-rays and other imaging equipment, we are licensed distributors and purchase from a range of vetted manufacturers. We supply a full complement of clinic, hospital and laboratory equipment, specialising in products suited for remote site and pre-hospital settings. 

We can also facilitate the servicing, maintenance and calibration of equipment by manufacturer-approved technicians and engineers.

  • For clinics: Portable, scalable and tailored pre-fab containerised or soft sided shelters
  • For ambulances: Soft-shell, hard-top, 4x4 conversions and armored


We offer a range of kits that cover prevention and intervention for both organisations and individual travellers, tested and designed to meet standards for different industry sectors, clinical settings and geographical locations.

Our purchasing and clinical teams can also collaborate with you to design kits tailored to your location, operation or workforce population.

  • Bespoke Medical Kits and Crash Bags


Frequently asked questions (FAQ's)

Yes, we supply controlled drugs and can also offer synthetic alternatives. 

However, some products require a company to hold specific licenses, such as controlled drugs or specialist equipment, or need a particular authority to order, like prescription medecines. Furthermore, every country has its own import restrictions and it is your responsibility to provide all necessary paperwork. 

If you are interested in any item that is not available online, please contact us for more information. 

Medekit maintains a rigorous supplier selection process, sourcing and supplying only licensed products in manufacturers' original packs.

If you have any questions about a particular product, please reach out us. 

If a product is not available within the requested delivery time, we will advise you regarding an equivalent alternative.