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Helping Globally Mobile Populations Thrive

At UnitedHealthcare Global, we are dedicated to protecting the health, wellbeing and safety of global workforces. As your true healthcare partner, we are dedicated to providing international access to quality care.

As a part of the UnitedHealth Group family of businesses, we see the many different interactions across the healthcare system in a way few other organisations can - making us uniquely positioned to address global healthcare challenges and create real value for our customers - one person at a time.

  • Remote medical services. Medical staffing, medical supplies, virtual health services, and support for employees in extreme and challenging locations
  • Assistance, security and intelligence. Supported by our in-house assistance team, into each of our plans and customised to meet the needs of your globally mobile population
  • International benefit plans. Health and Wellbeing plans for complete care across the globe
  • Local market healthcare delivery. UnitedHealthcare Global owns hospitals and clinics serving local communities and has an extensive global network, serving members with easy access to quality care

Better value for clients

UnitedHealthcare Global has the capability to provide clients with access to healthcare professionals, clinics, medical equipment and supplies, enabling international standards of care delivery, wherever you are in the world. As your single partner, we make all of the pieces work together to make communication easy for you.

We are an experienced provider for families, employers, governments, hospital systems, physician groups, life-sciences companies and non-profit organisations in helping design, reform and operate healthcare systems, with the aim of helping people live healthier lives.

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