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About Medekit by UnitedHealthcare Global

Understand Medekit and its origin

Who is Medekit? 

Medekit is the medical supplies, logistics and procurement division of UnitedHealthcare Global. We enable our medical teams and clients to prescribe and treat with confidence. Our comprehensive and fully compliant range of medical equipment and supplies includes over 3000 standard products, suitable for environments with limited space and without mainstream medical support.

Our close relationships with international medical product manufacturers and pharmaceutical providers mean immediate access to an extensive range of medical stores. We understand the impact of synced logistics timing and high quality of supplies, so we conduct a rigorous vetting and audit process in selecting our suppliers.

How Medekit fits into UnitedHealthcare Global

As part of UnitedHealthcare Global Medical Services, Medekit provides a one-stop shop for all drug, equipment and consumable needs. 

Who is UnitedHealthcare Global?

UnitedHealthcare Global has the capability to provide clients with access to healthcare professionals, clinical protocols, medical equipment and supplies, ensuring international standards of clinical care, wherever you are in the world. As your single partner, we make all of the pieces work together to make protecting the health and well-being easier for you and your clients.

With over 30 years of experience supporting remote medical and clinical needs, we understand the hazards, policies, and initiatives of healthcare delivery in challenging environments. Our experience and expertise help deliver practical, cost-effective and quality-driven solutions and recommendations.

At UnitedHealthcare Global, we understand global personnel challenges and have vast experience in managing medical processes with our clients to ensure their safety and wellbeing are protected.